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 Little hints

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PostSubject: Little hints   June 28th 2010, 8:42 am

To be a good little trooper you must..(at the most basic, and a lot of people don't just GET these)

1. Always aim were you time to raise a weapon when contact is made. Finger off trigger, safety off, weapon down if friendly is in front of you (if your this close to him your crowding and unless you have a bullet resistant shield you should not be this close behind some one. so get a different lane of fire.

2. Never waltz through some one's lane of fire. (my buds do this a lot)

3. Cover your own lane of fire, don't watch some one else's, they do there job you do yours.

4. Don't crowd corners, combat is about positioning and timing. Use angles, don't destroy you ability to hit something by hugging the wall.

5. If alone keep moving from angle to angle, left side to right side.

6. Learn the difference between cover and concealment....PLEASE!

7. Keep finding ways to get a better angle on the enemy while covering OR concealing your position.

8. Most people shoot from the right of bunkers, and run left from bunkers.(played enough games to notice a pattern)

9. At long ranges you're more accurate with semi auto, at short ranges full auto is more effective. (you have to explain this to some....)

10. Never enter a "LOW MOBILITY" position unless your angle is great and your cover is amazing.

11. Don't move to fast, and don't let your adrenaline take over, practice battle conditioning. Be quick yet effective. (Turn on the rock music and if so battle sounds, make many little W's and V's in a line mixing them up like this WVWWVWWVVWWW OCCOCCOCOOOCCOOOCO and in your head identify each one with speed no slip ups.) SAS trick.

12. Aim center mass (the chest) you have a better chance at hitting something. (some people actually aim at the it matters in the game).

13. Practice flanking and bunkering tactics. lets them be model but remind your team to be flexible.

14. Most situations you enter rarely have the enemy facing you directly, if in this position drop to a prone stance. It's hard to hit targets on the floor with hop up.

This is the most basic and necessary information. Remember airsoft is a game but treat the bb's like bullets.
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Little hints
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