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 Counter Sniping

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PostSubject: Counter Sniping   June 28th 2010, 8:37 am

Anyone can take out an inexperienced or ignorant sniper rather easily. These would be the ones who hang out in a tree, don't use effective camouflage, shoot everytime someone moves in front of their sights, etc.

But how do you take out the experienced sniper?
(All references to snipers, spotters, etc., are referring to experienced snipers, from this point on.)

Of course, a counter sniper unit can be sent out. A counter sniper unit can be any group or individual who is knowledgeable on sniping. That way they know where the sniper would most likely be located. They will also be able to distinguish minute discrepancies in the environment that were disturbed to conceal the sniper.

Counter sniping takes time. Counter sniping units are usually only sent out when a sniper is known, or highly expected to be to be in the area, and when time is not top priority.

Depending on the experience level of the sniper, the counter sniper will need to look for different things.

Inexperienced snipers will put themselves in a position where they either have cover, or a good vantage point. While experienced snipers look for places like this, they more importantly avoid any obvious place of concealment and will position themselves where the human eye is not attracted.

There are several effective counter sniper tactics. And one will not be the best for every situation. Unless you are in the field and can determine the situation, you can’t decide what is best.

A sniper will always have a planned route of escape, and if he determines a counter sniper unit to be a threat, he will divert. He may decide to take them out and maintain his objective, and after eliminating them, move to a new position.

Effective counter sniping. Sniper on Sniper

You know there is a sniper in the area, what do you do?

1 – Try not to let him see you. That was obvious, wasn’t it? Often, if you know there is a sniper out there, he knows you are there anyway. Don’t make his job easier.
2 – Scan the area you suspect him to be. DO NOT tunnel vision, this will get you shot and wondering where it came from. ‘Man, he has to be right there! I know it!’...
3 – Note any places you think the sniper may be. Under logs, In a foxhole, concealed in a nice
clump of grass. You want to take special care observing these positions. Note the smallest details in them. If something changes, you want to see it. Again, Don’ tunnel vision
4 – Keep your patience. Just because he is not shooting, doesn’t mean he’s not there.

The more aggressive tactics…

- Charge his position, zigzag and fire. Don’t run with a buddy, stay as far away from each other as possible. If you have radios, use them. When in doubt, talk (don’t tie up the frequency, though) If you think he may have your position covered, get some suppression from your team, reposition yourself.

- Communicate! If you see something a little suspicious, tell your team. If you see the sniper, don’t go Rambo! Tell your team. They may have no clue of his exact position and can’t help you out.

- If you see the sniper turn tail and run, tell your team. Don’t chase him by yourself. That’s a bad habit to get into. Even with your team, assess the situation. Should you chase him? Could it be a trap? What do we do!?

- Always, always try to get as many different positions on the sniper as possible. Get a guy at his 12, 3, 6, and 9 and everywhere in between.

- Think before you ditch your cover because you think you can get a shot on him if you move just a little more this way…

- You have guys all around his clock, still don’t see him? Move in. Have suppression fire come from his 12 and flanks. Then, have the guys on his six start toward his position. Assume he knows your coming. Don’t try to be TOO stealthy. Don’t make a ruckus, but don’t move inches by the hour either. If the six’s come under fire, try moving in on his 12. Whatever it takes, get to his position. Compromise him, and sweep the area briefly. Snipers don’t typically operate alone.

- If you suspect a position, try to get his six covered ASAP. Send some rifleman around,
zigzagging to his six. Once they get there, they should be aware that the line is now to their
six, and a sniper to their twelve. Watch which directions you have cover from, and which
direction you have guys covering.
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Counter Sniping
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