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 More to think about

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PostSubject: More to think about   June 28th 2010, 8:28 am

1. The most common tactic employed against newbies is the charge. This is when someone runs straight at you and scares you out of your bunker. This terrifies most newbies, but when you think about it, you have a massive advantage!!! HE is totally out in the open-presenting you with a perfect shot, and YOU are behind cover with a perfect aim on him!!! You don't want to run!!!! (I cannot stress this enough!!!!!) If you run, you will get shot from behind. Another thing newbies do is if the opposition makes it to your bunker, they freeze up!
This may sound ridiculous, but it happens. Instead, if you find yourself sharing a bunker with the enemy, pop out and shoot him!!! Always be alert. The thing that your enemy is counting on is that you will run away and give him/her a perfect shot at the back of yur head. If you don't do this, you can easily get the opposition out!!!

2. The surrender. This what most newbies do if an enemy gets anywhere near them! Believe me, there is nothing that frustrates your teamates than when their "cover fire" surrenders!!! Think how you would feel if your support surrendered without even getting shot, leaving you all alone! It is not a great feeling... So next the enemy comes at you, pop out and engage him in a firefight!!!

3. DON'T shoot at an enemy that is out of range. It makes for an un-fun game. If your enemy is across the street 100 ft away, YOU WILL NOT HIT HIM/HER!!! You must accept this. I wastes your ammo bigtime.

4. Reloads. Hopefully, your playing in a game where you cannot get shot when you are reloading. But if your not, here are some tips:
A. The enemy can't know that you are reloading!! They might charge if they do.
B. Just because you have to reload doesn't mean that you have lost the game! See section 5 below.

5. Practice before the game. Find out your guns range, power, and how to reload it. It helps to parctice accuracy (target shooting) and reloading BEFORE the game.

This all may sound easy, but it's actually pretty hard on the field. If you keep all these tips in mind and use them and don't be scared, you might end up getting what I call "The Newbie Advantage". All your friends think that you will do everything wrong in your first few games, so they don't regard you as much of a threat. This means if you use these tips, you can easily win the game for your team!!!

But the biggest thing you can do is keep your cool and not panic!! You will be surprised how much it will save your butt on the field. It will also save you from a lot of yelling from your teamates afterwards. So, whatever happens, it will help to keep your cool! Always be on your feet, and always be alert!
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More to think about
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