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 A Tactics Guide

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PostSubject: A Tactics Guide   June 25th 2010, 9:10 pm

A good airsoft tactic for an obstacle (like a wall or a barrier) is never look over it.. period… look around it. Looking over it exposes your body to your opponent, and they are probably expecting you to look over the object (sometimes they’re just waiting to shoot you) . By looking around it, you keep yourself compact and out of sight. The less of your body you expose, the less of the chance of getting hit . if you have a big gun such as a m249 or a m14 you should hold it normally but put the stock to your chest and point the barrel down. A team should always have a couple of hand signals laying around for a few reasons A. you forgot radios B. your in cqc C. it always helps to know them!
Another tactic is knowing where your team members are, no matter what you say I know you don’t want to think you have a entire army on you then turn around and see you’re the only one left… Knowing where your squad is is a must it allows you to know what’s going to happen next, for instance say your squad is side by side then most likely your commander is going to push up or fall back. Say your squad is in a v shaped pattern, most likely your holding of tangos and are soon going to flank them left and right. It also allows you to know where your assigned person is.. take d-day for instance saving pvt. Ryan cpt. Miller “payton YOUR WITH morgan”. some leaders like to have people with each other some like to have squads, like alpha, bravo, Charlie, so on.

Next tactic, the flank, possibly one of the easiest yet most failed tactic; the flank isn’t something you cant simply pull off, you never see marines just running off to the left of the enemy saying ‘bye sgt im going to flank someone without cover or where im gong =)’… to flank you have to tell your squad that you and whoever is with you are going to flank left/right and that you need cover to where ever that spot is then tell your commander and then u hustle your @** on that flank! One more thing I want to point out, when someone says enemy on the left flank, that means theyre coming from the left.. not go flank them left..

This one is a little confusing stay with me.. (buddy rush)
when assaulting an airsoft objective with a teammate, use the buddy rush method. You may need to practice this a few times before the skirmish to get it right. You and your teammate alternate rushes for 3-5 seconds towards the target, while one of you puts suppressive fire on the objective. Utilize cover and concealment along the attack route, ensuring your rush ends at a spot that will protect you from enemy fire (a tree, log, rock, etc). Use hand signals to indicate when you are ready to move or lay down suppressive fire. Your stream of airsoft ammo will keep you opponent down while your buddy moves forward.

the next one is a tactical strip, lol its not what it sounds like.

A ‘tactical field strip’ is something a lot of people don’t think work.. its where the entire squad spots a machine gun ambush and needs speed over anything else a normal strip means taking every piece of gear u have on down to your camo jacket and pants, (I can run 3 seconds faster when I’m in a camo shirt and jeans instead of my gear!) and it usually works and usually involves taking only 1 extra mag and sometimes trading guns; for instance.. say your kind of scrawny but fast. and u have a m14 and then a stronger yet slower person has a light echo 1 m4 they would probably change weapons to balance speed and maneuverability on the machine guns. Usually a flank is planned before taking on the machine guns.

Just a simple tactic that will be slowly worked on because its easy

All credit to the context below goes to oifveteran from

Fool your opponent
If an airsoft player continues to shoot at an enemy, it usually means that they have a good angle on their target. If someone is shooting at you continuously, you need to change position as soon as possible. However, if you have a good position on your opponent, you may want to consider hesitating with your shots, making them think that they're safe. This can draw them out in the open making them an easy target. This is a time tested airsoft tactic

A short paragraph------ always do a time check of how fast it takes you to get to important pieces of gear for instance mags, make sure they’re in a easy reach spot so it doesn’t take you 2min to reload your gun with a 30 round mag just to get hit…

Always think on the field, you never just want to go on a kamikaze rush on your own in front of a entire squad of machine guns. utilize your cover your tactical mind and most importantly your own knowledge of your whereabouts. always make sure before you move up that you check your surroundings and know that you wont get pinned before you move to cover, I’ve seen people get to cover and try to fall back only to see them get hit in the back of the head.. (haha) if you know your cover and your squad then you wont regret when you move to cover. One thing that gets people hit is that they move to new cover for no reason, if you have a good visual on the enemy and your not getting bombarded by bb’s then you shouldn’t move, that’s why a lot of people get hit. If your getting rained on by bb’s and you barely have a visual on them then you should start planning/trying to relocate one thing I like to call is “hibernating” its where your pinned down but you can look around stuff without getting hit I rarely get to “hibernate” though

now, when you locate a sniper you should usually send a scout to locate the spotter regarding the operation, if your team has a sniper they should just counter snipe them or if you don’t have any snipers you should usually send that scout to gather intel on the sniper to see how he likes to shoot and what uniform he has.. then once the necessary intel is gathered from the scout he should RADIO his tcl and report what he does, then your tcl will usually tell you to come back, if he doesn’t ask what you are to do, BUT REMEMBER DON’T GET HIT WHILE FALLING BACK!!! WORK YOUR COVER FALLING BACK, YOUR TCL PROBABLY WONT CARE IF IT TAKES YOU 5 MINUTES TO FINNALY GET BACK! Another way to take out the sniper is this, credit goes to eHow Sports & Fitness Editor

Create a distraction by sending out a small unit to make a quick and aggressive attempt at gaining ground against your enemy. Since the fast movement is likely to be noticed by the enemy's sniper, you can move in against the sniper to for a take out while he's occupied by your decoy.

NOTE: the enemy sniper is probably going to have talent so take your plan into consideration before you attack..

OVERWATCH: overwatch is a simple airsoft tactic which includes a team element to watch the teams flanks and surroundings for hostiles, usually the overwatch team is hidden, EXAMPLE: a 4 man squad is tasked with making sure a trench is clear 2 men from the team will check it, the other 2 go into overwatch and make sure the clearers get the job done EXAMPLE: a 6 man fire team is tasked with finding some hidden intel in a communications tower 3 men find the intel 3 men go into overwatch, overwatch is a optional tactic performed during tactical ops, not skirmishes (can be used in a skirmish though)

COVER TARGET: cover target is the basic tactic of the ssg laying down fire on every possible position a hostile can be for a squad to move under fire, EXAMPLE: a team has to assault a bunker but there’s a hill a few meters back, the squad support gunner should fall back there and make it rain bb’s on the bunker EXAMPLE2: a team gets ambushed; the ssg falls back to a hill and makes it rain bb’s again..

Holding position: although this does not work all the time it works usually, its nice to know your team has a tactic to hold a position now when your task is to hold a position a team should usually set up a defensive position to hold. It will usually consist of your squad support gunner covering the squad and “paying and spraying” then have your riflemen and smgs line up and just hold it, try to dig into the fight as much as you can, utilizing all of your tactics you know to prevent the enemy from coming, if your opposition is getting dangerously close you should have everyone push up little by little slowly and pray the decide to fall back alittle after 5 or 10 minutes of the push up slowly doesn’t work you should fall back again and just dig in for a while, as a last resort, the team gets into cqc and draws pistols—just pray you survive,
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A Tactics Guide
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