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 The Science of the Side Arm, Why the side arm DOES matter

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PostSubject: The Science of the Side Arm, Why the side arm DOES matter   June 25th 2010, 9:00 pm

By lukeishere of ASF.

We all understand what the side arm is: that last resort weapon, most of the time being a pistol, that’s ready at your side in the event your primary weapon runs out of ammo during a firefight, becomes inoperable, or for some other reason you cannot use your primary weapon. They are normally easy to access, whether in a holster, leg holster, in an easy-to-reach pouch, pocket, wherever.

Most people glance the side arm as that extra luggage. You only bring it “because you might need it.” Well I’m writing to tell you, that’s not true.

Why do you need one?
Unless you’re paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for your AEG or other primary gun, we can all agree at some point during some game or just playing around out-back, your gun has malfunctioned. The battery ran out, the motor jammed, the bb’s are jammed, a part just falls off the gun (has happened to me before, LOL), something either has or will happen. What do you do?

If you’re in the middle of a firefight, you can’t really do anything without being at risk. If a quick push of the forward-assist knob doesn’t clear the gun (typical on the M4’s and M16’s), you’re basically screwed. Everyone agrees battery changes aren’t very quick and easy.

You’re only other option is to get another gun! This gun should be your side arm. For some, it’s a secondary AEG or shotgun of some sort slung on your back. While not very practical nor mobile, it definitely gives the option of secondary firepower (and lots of it). Most people don’t do this, simply because it’s more weight and more immobility. The side arm is easy to reach, normally in a holster (whether it be leg or belt, this will be discussed later).

Pay attention to your gun
Most people glance over the side arm as one more piece of equipment; this is something you CANNOT DO. The side arm is typically, not always, your last resort (also talked about later) during a firefight, and if it’s looked over with no care, it may not work at all, leaving you a sitting duck with no weapons.
A good rule of thumb is to upgrade your pistol as much as you can. Have multiple, at least 2, standard magazines and have them at the ready. Carry a small amount of ammo for your side arm (for example, if you’re AEG shoots .2g like it should, you should bring ~100 rounds of .12 for your pistol). Make sure your pistol is lubed and working (fire about 5 rounds before game to confirm) and all is top-shape. This will ensure your last line of defense is not your downfall.

Why do I say last line of defense? While pistols do lack the all out stopping power of an AEG on full out, they’re still there when that power is gone. If you’re being advanced on and your main goes down, whip out the side arm to open fire that much more. It may be that simple move that saves you and possibly the game if you score a hit. And if you don’t, and you’ve been hit yourself? You tried.

Keep your pistol at the ready
Preferably, keep your pistol in a leg-holster. These handy holsters strap around your outer thigh and then up through your belt. Basically, it forms an upside-down “T”. This not only stabilizes the gun so it stays on, it’s also a lot easier to reach for compared to a regular belt holster. They’re typically only a few dollars more than a belt holster, and in my opinion, a lot more convenient. They’re easier to reach in a crouching and in a running position.

Use your side arm constantly
Whether it be a few shots per game, or a few shots in the backyard, continue using and firing your gun so that you remember your “zone” for the gun. Try target shooting with the sights, try shooting and reloading as fast as you can, just drill drill drill. You’ll need the experience when you have no other choice.

Otherwise, this entire guide is pretty straight forward. The side arm is your last resort, so don’t skip over it. Treat it as you would your AEG
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The Science of the Side Arm, Why the side arm DOES matter
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