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 Airsoft Safety

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PostSubject: Airsoft Safety   March 4th 2010, 4:52 pm

Artical by: Alexander Malroy

Airsoft guns are safe, its spherical non-metallic pellets unleashed from a compressed air gun, manual spring-load, gas powered or electronically powered gearbox is safe enough for the recreational activities it represents. However, precautionary measures for such exercise are imperative just like any undertakings that involve confrontational exercise between two opposing teams or individuals.

Wearing protective goggles for the safety of the eye, as well as keeping the finger off the trigger if not yet ready to fire an airsoft gun is two of the most basic rules that constitutes safety. Players are notified not to point their guns at non-players or at unprotected fellow players or animals. Players should also be protected from substandard airsoft AEG. Most airsoft guns are powered by gas or manual cocking spring, sometimes by electric motor or battery. These types of airsoft AEG is safe but when modified, especially the electrical system and is being used with power source higher that what is recommended, it may pose a shock or fire hazard to a player.

Proper clothing attire is important for the safety of the players. A close range shot of 5 feet in a velocity of 300 feet can bruise or break a skin that may result to minor wound and bleeding. Wearing a plain shirt or any thin clothing could not prevent any bruise. Pellets from airsoft guns could cause damage to the eye if not blindness if fired at a close range, that’s why eye protection or goggles are compulsory among the players.

Airsoft games are best played outdoors, and since it’s a military simulation, natural surroundings are the best venue for this exercise. However, there are factors that are beyond the control of every organizer of this game such as animals that often interfere during the game that may pose an impending danger to every player.

Airsoft players may also suffer injuries from their location-terrains, forest, woodlands or jungles. These areas feature slippery surfaces, heights, trips, steep slopes, snags, falls or sharpened objects that may cause injuries among the players in the height of the game. They may be also in danger from poisonous substances found in the plants or even on the animal droppings. Damage such as broken bones, sprain, cuts or wound from the activity may also happen, thus, the need for precautionary measure is imperative and using protective gear such as neck and head armor and other military outfit is necessary.

Airsoft gaming standards does not only protect players, bystanders and non-players should be protected as well in the height of the game. Observers are required always to keep their facemask on especially during the game. This standard rules and safety requirement are strictly enforced by the Marshalls of the game to make sure that no injuries occur during gameplay.

Some groups have adopted the policy of immediately stopping the game when someone finds out that there is somebody in the game who is not protected and is within the playing area. This heightened regard for safety makes the game elevated in a professional standard. Players who encounter unprotected individual must shout and signal to the other players “cease-fire, blind-man” or “non-combatant” to warn others of the situation. Such case would prevent the impending damage it may cause to the unprotected player.

Alexander Malroy has been playing airsoft for over 15 years. With an arsenal of over 150 airsoft guns, Alex has first hand knowledge of top brands like ICS, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army and Echo 1. Alex is also a certified airsoft gunsmith for and enjoys both fixing, writing about and reviewing any gun he can get his hands on. When not playing airsoft, Alex enjoys spending time with his two dogs Hugo and Abby.

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Posts : 106
Join date : 2010-03-04
Age : 62

PostSubject: Dont agree with all stated   July 2nd 2010, 8:57 am

I dont agree with this statement [ Airsoft games are best played outdoors, and since it’s a military simulation, natural surroundings are the best venue for this exercise.] Places like SS airsoft are great for indoor play.
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Airsoft Safety
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